If you have never had local grass-fed, grain finished beef you are missing out.

The JNB is a cattle ranch located in the rolling hills of San Benito County on the Central Coast of California.  Primarily a cow calf operation we also select our best beef steers and raise them for our loyal buyers.  These steers are pasture-grass raised and grain finished.  Typically, our steers take about 18 to 20 months to get them just right for your table.  We are very picky with our beef.  All the calves are born and raised right here on our ranch and processed locally.  When California talks about happy cows, these are the ones.  We do everything but sing to them, we tried that once, but they all ran away.  

In my opinion, and if you know me well, I have a few of those, a grass-fed steer with no grain finish is just not what I want on my BBQ or in my crock pot.  The truth behind many of the grass-fed only beef is it's just easier and cheaper to raise.  Now, we'll raise you a beautiful grass-fed only steer if you would like but most of our customers really love the extra marbling our beef has.  It's a lot of extra work and cost to finish on grain but well worth it.  It's just tastier.

 Since we started in 2017, we have been working hard towards improving our product every year.  The bulls we use are some of the bests pedigrees out there including Leachman and Tehama.  We have shortened our calving season down to just over two months.  The result of this is the momma cows have a longer time to rest between breeding the next year.  By keeping this cycle shorter the calves are born all around the same time and are a more uniform size and born in the best months vs being scattered out over 4, 5, or even 6 months.  

This Grain finishing takes a little longer and cost a little more, but the extra effort is well worth it in the end. 

After all, the pickiest customer of all is our family.