How To Get Your Hands on JNB Ranch Beef

Skip the middleman and go direct...............I know you probably know this, but the beef steer is not 100% Ribeye, New Yorks and Filets. However, there is truly not a cut on the steer our family does not like.  One of the best parts about buying your own 1/4, 1/2 or whole locally raised steer is the variety of cuts you get to try because after all they are all part of the deal.  So don't be intimidated.  Grab your iPad and Google "best short rib recipes" or "how to cook beef shanks" and see what the ranchers have known for years.

Our finished steers have typically weighed on average between 1200 and 1400 over the last five years.  With a 1200 lb. steer you would expect to see a carcass (hanging) weight of around 750lbs.  After cut and wrapped you would end up with about 500 lbs. of "retail" cuts ending up with approximately 31% Steaks, 31% Roasts, 38% ground beef and stew meat.  

We sell our beef by the Whole, Half and Quarter. 

The approximate costs are about $TBD Market Price 2025/lb. (plus processing).

A Whole Steer will run you around $ market price in 2025**.

A Half Steer will run you around $market price in 2025**.

A quarter Steer will run you around $market price in 2025**.

**The additional costs are approximately:

  • $1600 Cut and Wrapped ($400/ quarter) / (Pay Directly, your choice or we can help arrange this for you as a courtesy)

  • $400 for slaughter, transport and miscellaneous $100/quarter) / (Pay Directly, your choice or we can arrange this for you as a courtesy)

When you break it all down the cost to you is around $market to market/lb.  for the retail cuts.

NOTE: A 100% Grass fed, grass finished steer will be smaller and run around 1,000 to 1,100 lbs.  We sell this only by the whole animal and a request for a deposit will be due 12 months prior to the animal being ready.

Just fire me up a call or email if you have any questions.  I am always happy to answer questions and guide you through the process.

Mike Boerlin

PO Box 327 

Paicines, CA 95043



To the right is an idea of the cuts you will end up with in your freezer with a quarter beef. This is just an example of a typical cut and wrap from the past.  You are welcome to use someone you know of, but we have used Jack and his family over at Tri-Way Freezer Meats in Hollister in the past to hang, cut and wrap.  Jack and his family have been doing this for years, have a great reputation and will cut to your liking.