The Adventure Continues

In 2017 our family set out on a grand adventure and a new way of life by purchasing a 400-acre cattle ranch in San Benito County, CA.  

I often get asked “What made you want to buy a cattle ranch?”

But I actually believe most are really thinking “What the hell did you get yourself into!” 

Well, I don’t know of any little boy who at one point in his life didn’t want to be a cowboy, but I also believe it was in my blood.  My father was a third generation Nevadan born in Reno. His grandfather moved from Genoa, Nevada to their ranch just outside the town of Aurora along the East Walker River where my grandfather was born. They eventually moved to Reno where my grandfather was heavily involved in all aspects of ranching from a land and livestock appraiser to an extension agent for the county farm bureau. My father carried on the tradition on his ranch in the CA foothills raising Suffolk sheep. So here we are trying to keep a 150-year lifestyle and tradition going for the next generation.

We fell in love with the ranch at first sight like we did with each other when we were teenagers.  After being married for 27 years in 2017 we began a new chapter in our love affair and adventure for life.  Our two grown sons Jared and Noah contribute to the ranch along with nieces, nephews and other family and friends.  Gatherings always involve something on the BBQ, a glass of local wine or a cold beer and new stories shared around the dinner table.  It's a great place for friends and family to come and unwind from the stress of city life.  

We are blessed to call this place our home and we appreciate the opportunity to work together to provide a product that we are proud to serve at our own table and put the JNB Ranch brand on.