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Published on 21 May 2024 at 13:48

I sent this to a friend the other day to proofread because I thought I wrote the perfect country-western blog.  He sent it back and said it’s not the perfect country-western blog because it didn’t say anything about Wine or Music or Dessert.  So, I went ahead and wrote another few lines. (thanks David Allen Coe Bing Videos ). 

What does a Prickly Pear and a Snake in the Grass have in common?

Well, let me tell you a little on my friends and you may just find a recipe for a little summer fun.

I am sure we can all recall a few fond summer memories.  Maybe it was that last day of school and all the promise that summer would hold and was yet to come.  Maybe a rafting trip down the Truckee River, a ball game with a cold beer and hotdog, the smell of fresh cut grass, the sound the sprinklers made creeping through the screen door on a warm summer evening or that rubbery smell you got drinking from a garden hose on a hot day.

These days it’s the smell of BBQ, my dog making a splash in the swimming pool................over and over and over again, and the mamma cows mooing to her calf at the end of a warm day.  It’s also the excitement of our guests trying a few new summer cocktails as we do some summer grilling.

We love grilling our JNB Ranch grass fed, and grain finished beef.  From burgers to NY’s, from Hangers to Ribeye’s, to Kabobs and Smoked Brisket.  This year jack is doing a special long-cut short rib.  When you say, “let’s throw some ribs on the Barbie”, these are the ones you want.

My father-n-law Joe was the first to introduce me to a Prickly Pear.  He showed me how to pick them with a pair of tongs, cut the end off, slice down the middle the long way and roll the fruit right on out.  This is a precision operation because if not done correctly you will feel those little thorns in your hand for days to come – so be careful.  Picking and eating those warm just off the cactus is good but even better is this easy recipe:

To make a tasty and refreshing Skinny Red Rider - 

Blend the fruit and strain into a bowl 

Grab a glass and some ice and some silver tequila

Add a tablespoon or so of the strained prickly pear juice, squeeze a whole lime in there, splash of triple sec, and fill with club soda

Kick back and relax!

You ever try a snake-n-the-grass?

Of course, this had to originate from some California State University Chico alums I know.  My oldest son Jared graduated from Chico, but I don't recall him sharing this one with his dad.  I'm sure he was in the library that day.

This one comes from my pal Jabin.  I have known Jabe since 2nd grade at Lighthouse Elementary School.  He whipped up a batch of these for us last summer.  Obviously Jabe was not at the library that day.  Here he is in the middle with the funny hat.  Here is how he says to make it:

Ooohhhh be careful

A) 1, 12oz can frozen lemonade concentrate, pour in pitcher

B) Fill empty can lemonade concentrate full Vodka and pour in pitcher, mix until concentrate dissolves.... just concentrate and vodka at this point.

C) Fill pitcher with ice

D) Pour in 3, 16oz Coors Lights little slow to minimize foam.

Stir and pour into glasses with ice...I usually make one batch at a time, so the ice doesn't melt, and the beer still stays little carbonated.... shouldn't really taste the beer or vodka...just lightly carbonated lemonade.... have fun 

A must in San Benito is the Wine Trail and your must-stop there on that beautiful drive is DeRose Vineyards.  Al DeRose says, "And why not kick off your summer with a Spaghetti and Meatball luncheon featuring JNB Ranch Beef.  Saturday May 25th with Seatings at 11:30 & 3:30. $95/couple includes Cesar Salad, spaghetti and meatballs from locally raised beef from JNB Ranch, sauce from our organically raised tomatoes here at the vineyard, cheesecake and a bottle of wine. Don’t miss this fantastic meal on our outdoor patio amongst the vines. Call or email to make your reservations today., 831-636-9143"    (7) derose winery - Search Results | Facebook   Say hi to Al and try some of their dry farmed Negrette, something very unique to this area.  The setting for this winery is stunning and the team there is very knowledgeable about the history of this hidden wine region. Home | Derose Wine 

If you happen to be on the other side of the Gabilan Range and wandering around Carmel Valley Village, say hi to my friend Sal Rombi and make sure to try a pour of Petit Sirah or Cab.  This guy is as fun to talk with as his wines are fun to drink.  You can also take a couple of your JNB Ranch steaks with you and book a night at their beautiful cottage right in their vineyard.   

Here is Sal now…………  Wine Maker Salvatore Rombi | Red Wines | Rombi Wines

Speaking of the other side, here is Joni Mitchell singing about “both sides now”  Both Sides Now - Bing video


If you haven’t been to the Hollister Concert Series yet, then this summer you have another chance.  A laid-back atmosphere in the middle of a winery on a grassy hillside with a bottle of wine.  This is great fun and a way to kind of chill out on a balmy Hollister evening.  Next concert up is a tribute to Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan. 

Check out the schedule here: Hollister Concerts

Here is a cool Luke Bryan song: Luke Bryan - Most People Are Good (Official Audio) - Bing video


To satisfy your sweet tooth or craft beer requirement you will want to check out Suncoast Organic Bakery.   Their breads and pastries are soooooo good.  They are always trying something new, and their next bake is Friday May 24th so get your order in here  Suncoast Organic Farm - Bakery, Brewery, Bread.  If you can’t wait you can grab some of their brew at Diaz Liquors in Hollister. 

Our ranch to your table

Our beef has been a hit again this year. We have a growing list of customers who understand there is just nothing like the quality you can get from local pasture raised & grain finished ranch beef. 

You cannot buy this in the store.  No hormones and raised right here on the JNB Ranch in the beautiful Panoche Valley of San Benito County.

Connie and I have already had a couple of tender filet mignons, the best tasting hamburgers and a killer sirloin steak from this year's beef.  

Reach out now to get on our list for 2025 JNB Ranch Beef.  A $350 deposit is required for each quarter beef. 

So, there you have it........the perfect country western blog. 

Go ahead and whip up a Skinny Red Rider or a Snake in the Grass.

Or stop by a couple of my favorite wineries.  

Then - Kick back and relax!

Enoy the summer and Happy Trails!


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Jason Noble
a month ago

Geez Boerlin,
I am not sure now if I am hungrier or thirstier after reading your "Country Western Blog"! But one thing is for sure, you put up some good ideas for places to enjoy in this here region! Whether you have been to any of these before or not, good times ahead! Thanks for the read and suggestions!

Mike Boerlin
a month ago

Thank you Jason. San Benito County has so much beauty, some of the greatest people and so many great things to do. Keeping me busy for sure.