Rib Eyes and Short Ribs and T Bones, Oh my!

Published on 13 February 2024 at 13:58

Tell Jack if you want it fat! 

Like Burger king, Jack at Tri-Way Meats will cut your JNB Ranch Beef your way.  Unlike Burger King, you know exactly where this beef is coming from.  Born and raised right here on the ranch.  Raised on the hardy pasture grass of the Panoche Valley and finished on quality grain for that "It's Just Tastier" quality.  


If you want in on this year's JNB Ranch Beef let me know ASAP because we only have a few orders left.  You can email me at info@jnbranchbeef.com or give me a quick call.  Check out the web page here called "Buy it" for more details. 

Here's a look at some of our great cuts.  Because like Tommy Boy says.  "You can take a good look at a T-bone by sticking your head up a bull's behind, but wouldn't you rather take the butcher's word for it?"

Love Chimichurri Sauce on my steaks. 

I have had the pleasure to travel to Argentina several times and one of my favorite things in this "steak loving country" is chimichurri.  I got hooked on the first time I was there on this delicious accoutrement (well, the empanadas and Malbec wine are up there too). 

A little (or a lot) of Chimichurri sauce on my steak is truly one of the great food pairings ever.  

You can find many variations of this on the internet but here is a quick and easy one -

  • Fresh Italian parsley leaves - 2 bunches

  • Fresh Cilantro - 1 bunch.

  • Garlic cloves - 3 or 4

  • Fresh oregano leaves (or dried) - fat handful

  • Red wine vinegar - (1/3 Vinegar to 2/3 Oil)

  • Red pepper flakes - how spicy do you like it?

  • Salt - tablespoon

  • Freshly ground black pepper - tablespoon

  • High-quality extra-virgin olive oil (see above)

............and of course, a JNB Ranch steak!

Chop up the garlic and fresh parsley. 

Add in clean and chopped oregano.

Mix the three together and then add in red pepper flakes.

Now, move into the liquids phase and begin by adding red wine vinegar - play with this until you get the right constancy.

Smear it, dip it or dab it on there.  Soooo darn good!

Speaking of Last Calls - 

The Panoche Inn is a must stop if your ever on a Sunday drive, need a side trip from the Pinnacles or just want to stop in and say hi to Sam or Kim.  I have yet to close this place down as I am a little older and wiser these days, but I have had the pleasure to stop in on a blistering hot day (and a cold day or two as well) and partake in an ice cold "yellow jacket".   This little place is well known by the locals, a bit off the beaten path and well worth a stop.  They always have something going on and they make killer sandwiches as well.  Check them out -

(3) panoche inn - Search Results | Facebook

PANOCHE INN - 68 Photos & 31 Reviews - 29960 Panoche Rd, Paicines, California - Sandwiches - Restaurant Reviews - Phone Number - Yelp

..............and that is our JNB Bar brand on the bar.

  Wonder how it got there................?

I can almost hear this one as I walk through the door Hippies and Cowboys - Bing video

The Saturday before the super bowl we took a little ride down to this local watering hole.  

My 85-year-old dad and good buddy Bret. 

Bret's wife Michelle took the picture and all six of us enjoyed a great sandwich and conversation.   We all came up a little short on the dice game but had a nice afternoon out.


Speaking of Brandings -

A huge thank you to the cowboys and friends who helped rope and with the groundwork at our branding a few weeks back.  We don’t have the biggest herd in the hood and sure do appreciate the help. 

After a lot of rain and looking at the weather forecast up until the day of the branding, we made a last-minute call to have it and the rain held off just enough.  It was still a little moist that day but not enough to stop the gang from getting the job done.

This is an important part of our year and one I really look forward to.  

I wasn’t sure if Michelle was giving me a cattle tag number, a sobriety test or getting ready to zing me like Mo from the Three Stooges. 


And after the work is done its time for a little BBQ and something to wash it all down with.   

Here's Chris getting it all done like the Pit Master he is! 

Chris again, delegating.... like it. 

Dan on the crab cakes. 

The apps and vegies.


Connie and family

My niece will have a new baby boy with her next year.  We are all very excited as the day fast approaches.  I hope he can BBQ someday as good as his daddy Dago.

Anthony and Terry are so great in the roping pen and thank you for the awesome bacon and organic goodies.  Your beef box will be ready in April.

My sister-n-law finally got a day off from the grandkids……hahaha

And my "favorite" mother-n-law, thank you for all you do to bring the family together through the years and I know not having a bowl of pasta on the table is a little outside your comfort zone.

The legend of White Coat Rub –

In the mid 80’s after graduating from Pacific Grove High School I went to work for Joe Solis at Monte Vista Market behind the meat counter.  This job got me through the local Jr college and also taught me three important lessons.

  • Hospitality is the key to any successful business.
  • Live to eat vs eat to live.
  • Never give your boss an ultimatum or accidentally drop his knifes in the trash.

I was a quite the motivated but not so experienced young chap back then and wanted to wear the white butcher coat like the top guys got to.  After a little over a year and my excessive and relentless asking to be able to wear the “white coat” I was finally given the chance. 

This rub is to honor my friend and mentor Joe Solis.  Use it on everything from steaks, ribs, chicken and even salmon.  

More Music you say.............

At the branding I had a chance to talk to Desiree, one of our neighbor's granddaughters.  She not only knows her way around cattle, but I was pleasantly surprised to hear she is a wonderful musician.  If you would like to hear some of Desiree Cannons work, you can check it out here. 

What a great voice and great sound!


Yep, Merry Christmas to me.  I was able to round these guys up for a few hours to get after the big old oak tree that fell.  There is a discrepancy in just how many cords there were once all the stacking was done. 
We will just call it “more than one”. 

Thanks boys!

Happy Trails and if you would like to try our ranch raised beef just call or email.


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