A Little Hoopla and Some Friendly Competition

Published on 7 November 2023 at 11:43


On November 2nd JNB Ranch teamed up with Blue Adobe Mortgage and co-sponsored a table at the Taste of MCAR, a Monterey County Association of Realtor event to help raise money for scholarships in Monterey County.  The posse at Blue Adobe Mortgage all helped man the table and JNB Ranch had a chance to showcase our grass fed-grain finished black angus beef. 

Lots of friendly food competition took place among some of the top pros in the real estate, escrow, and lending arena.  In an industry that has been completely flipped upside down and stampeded over with high rates, low inventory, and all around one of the slowest times we have seen, everyone was genuinely happy to see each other, and many hugs and handshakes filled the room.

If you know anything about real estate and lending you know we are a competitive bunch.  Excellent customer service, solution-oriented answers and all-around efficiency define our business, so you know the “steaks” were high.

In the end, the other team CHEATED………. (Just kidding), but we were very proud of how far we have come as a quality provider of ranch to table beef and happy to have participated in this wonderful event.  Here are a few of the wonderful emails we received the following day……….


“I also loved the food last night. You guys should have won the contest.”


“You totally killed it with those burgers-they were amazing. Best food in the house by a long shot!”


“Everyone was talking about our sliders. You and Chris did an amazing job prepping and serving.”


“…...the sliders were the buzz all night.”


“Mike’s burgers were delicious and by far the best at this event!”

As we head into fall and winter remember to take a little time to do the things you love and make sure to always connect with friends and family. 

Here’s Levi loving to take his mid-day nap.

Happy Trails!!

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